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Happy Together

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Thursday, November 15th 2012

9:48 PM (650 days, 11h, 17min ago)

Holiday Cookware

Cooking for your family should be one of the most enjoyable events surrounding the holidays, not one that you dread. To ensure you do not spend your entire morning calling relatives to see who has a roasting pan or the best Lodge cookware to borrow, make sure you add these holiday essentials to your own collection.

As mentioned above, a roasting and baking pan is one of the most important pieces of cookware when feeding a crowd. Choose one made from heavy stainless steel so that you do not have to worry about scratching or rusting. Make sure it is large enough to fit a good size turkey, and has a lid that fits well. You may also want to buy a smaller stainless steel roasting pan for your vegetables, dressing or a side dish. Do not forget to pursue the cast iron cookware either. Nice lodge cast iron cookware is perfect for stove-top use and can be used to sear meats, toast leftover sandwiches and even prepare pan sauces. Choose a medium-size skillet for the most versatility. While you are in the store, make sure you have a cutting board, good carving knife and a bread basket. The last thing you want is to run out for these items on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Being prepared is key to a successful holiday meal. Purchase the essentials now, store them in a special place, and bring them out whenever you have to feed a crowd. You deserve some holiday time to relax, too!

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Saturday, November 10th 2012

8:46 PM (655 days, 12h, 19min ago)

Procrastination Has Its Price

Opportunities has been really scarce lately and there are a lot of bloggers that are hurting. I might be one of them but as you can see in any of my blogs, I have not taken any opportunities from triple P. I just don't feel that it is worth my time and with me working 3-4 nights every week and throwing in some last minute calls to come in, I didn't have any time anymore. Besides, my other Merydith's Place blog didn't pass their "quality assessment" even if I never write paid post after another paid post. I have been to paid sites who doesn't require a filler but I have always been so religious about adding a filler in every paid post I made. So I guess they want more from the bloggers. I got an email telling me that I should post 2 or even 3 interim post in a day if I want my Whatever blog to stay. My answer was, go ahead and cut them both which later I considered to be a blessing in disguise. They didn't cut my Whatever blog yet but I have not written any opps from them. I have reserved some before but I let it expire. So I wonder what happened to their blog assessment now with the new changes in the TOS. You know the ones that you don't need to have a filler to write with just the links and all. At any rate, I don't care anymore.,

Anyways, I have been writing more lately from different places. I recently got one from SR that I was so excited about. I have been meaning to write it because the amount is a little big but I tried to schedule myself and write the ones that are expiring first. I have them written in a piece of paper and their due dates so that I won't forget. Well I swear that this big opp is supposed to expire today so I thought of writing it this morning but when I opened SR it was gone. I know it didn't expire on me because it will tell me that it expired. The advertiser must have gotten so tired of waiting because I didn't write it right away. I waited 6 days and now it is gone. Procrastination surely has its price and will try not to do it again because this is not my first time. It surely hurts. OUCH!
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Sunday, October 7th 2012

10:59 AM (689 days, 23h, 6min ago)

House Signs

Can you imagine if people do not have house signs? Delivering letters to the recipients will be a nightmare. It is going to be like back home where the postman would rely on asking people if they know the owner of the mail and try to remember where each of the mail owner lives. Visiting someone will also be the same. The person visiting has to know any landmarks or house distinction before visiting. Unfortunately, there are subdivisions that have the same look in all the houses, so looking for the house will be terrible.

House address plagues are awesome to have. It makes looking for a residence so much easier to find. If you are on a look out for a new mailbox, Mailbox and Beyond offers distinctive address plaques to complement the color and design of your home. You can also get to enjoy free shipping when you order today. Plus, you can have your address sign personalized to your own liking. Mailbox and Beyond not only sells address signs but also home and garden decor too such as personalized doormats, tea and twilight lanterns, birdbaths and more. I will check out their birdbaths because Frankie has been asking for one since last year. It will be a nice addition to your backyard.
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Friday, October 5th 2012

11:32 AM (691 days, 22h, 33min ago)

Last Summer

I decided to take a day-off today and work on my projects at the end of the week. I allowed myself to rest and to spend time with Frankie and Papa while Ryan is at work. Ryan also suggested that I should stay home and watch Frankie so that Papa can finish what he has been doing outside. I woke up at 11:00 a.m. today and didn't waste time to get the additional wood for the fence that we were not able to get last Saturday. Kenny, Sheila's husband helped us take the fences home. We just got pre-made fences from Menards so that we don't have to worry about putting them together. It was a little chilly yesterday so Papa was not able to take care of them all. Well he did a little bit but didn't finish it because he was still lacking some wood which we went ahead and got this morning. Right this moment, he is almost done with the last one. So I can have the peace of mind whenever Frankie is in the backyard. Of course we just don't let him run around in the backyard while we are inside the house but it is nice to know that he is fenced in and we don't have to be following him around every second while he is outside. This is the project that Papa and I have agreed to do and I am glad it is done. I saved my paypal money for the fence but Ryan paid all of it off. So I am all happy. Our next project to do is put together the grill that we bought months ago. We haven't done that yet because we want the fences up first. We hopefully be able to set up Frankie's little pool so that he can swim back there and put together the gazebo for the hot tub so that we can also finally use it. Here are pictures of Frankie helping his Tatay put together the fence. He was trying to hand him the nails.

Grandpa and grandson tandem.

 Frankie, pretending to also nail the nails to the wood.

The finish product. Ryan was also happy because at least Papa can now go outside with Frankie not having to chase after him. Definitely a "thank you
" Dada for our project support and a very good job to Tatay.
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Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

5:57 PM (694 days, 16h, 8min ago)

Choosing Two Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom is an important part of the home because this is where is we do our daily regimens, yet the bathroom is also the most susceptible to damages and deterioration because of its constant exposure to water and dirt. This is why it is important to use durable and high-quality bathroom essentials. It should stand against constant exposure to deteriorating elements and should be highly susceptible to wear and tear.

If there’s one thing in the bathroom which gets soaked in water all the time, it is perhaps the bath mat. It is a necessary item for the bathroom since it serves to dry off the feet and also prevent from slipping. It is then important to use durable bath mats, so you can use it for a long time. Bathmats should not only be durable but also stylish to complement the overall look of the bathroom.

Another important bathroom essential is the shower curtain. Shower curtains are the key in maintaining the privacy in the bathroom, but due to the constant pulling, shower curtains can easily tear down. Grime, mildew, soap scum, and mold build-up can also accumulate after time, but there are brands which are made with quality materials that would not easily rip off even when constantly cleaned. Shower curtains also have to be fashionable and should exude vibrant color to add color in the bathroom.
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Monday, October 1st 2012

4:29 AM (696 days, 5h, 36min ago)

My boys and their daily routine (Little Frankie)

My boys as the title says. So happy to have them both in my life. It felt so different seeing those faces and smiles early in the morning. They make my day already. Even before I married Ryan, I already know that he is good with kids. I have a 2 year old niece before when Dad and him visited me in the Philippines and he was so playful with her. He used to tease her and then I know that he is going to be a good father and he is indeed.

Every morning as a routine, I wake up early so that I can prepare Ryan's lunches and snacks while he takes a shower. After getting ready he always (never miss) go check on Francis and sits on his bed for a minute or two. Just staring at him. If I get lucky , he won't be carrying him to the kitchen. I don't know, maybe he can't resist and he wakes him up. Sometimes Francis would be in his arms. Then Ryan's excuse is, "because his eyes were open when I went check on him so I had to pick him up"... yeah right.

In the afternoon when Ryan get's home from work, after he kisses me "hello", he then find's Francis if I am not carrying him. He usually greets him with a big hello, a kiss and a tickle either on his neck or stomach. Francis is so ticklish that you will hear a giggle. Francis reacts with excitement upon seeing his Papa.

Ryan just got home yesterday and we were in the kitchen cooking.


In the evening, another routine is, when Ryan changes him on his pajama/sleep wear getting ready for  bed. He never miss it. He has been doing this since Francis was only a week old from the hospital. After Ryan takes off his day clothes, change his diaper, he then tickles him again with the diaper only on. They play and goof around for another minute or two. Then he put his sleeper on. A little after, I give Francis his milk and he is then ready to go to bed.


I finally unfolded the high chair and took it to the kitchen. I really don't like letting him lay down in this playard so I got the highchair. He was still too small for the high chair as he was sliding down but it will do. (the flash always give him that big eyes)

I was already complaining how I just put him there and he is already contemplating how to escape. Notice the other leg ready to go.

Pictoryal muna in the kitchen. I had to turn off the flash that is why it is a little dark.

That's all folks. Hope you will have a wonderful weekend. Ours will be spent cleaning and shopping. I freaked out yesterday when I realized that the baptism is this coming Sunday already. I better start moving .

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Friday, September 28th 2012

5:11 PM (698 days, 16h, 54min ago)

Sheepskin Products

Lately, I have been reorganizing our entire house. I have a house with a very small square feet, so I try to squeeze in stuff to perfectly fit my space. Having a small place is a challenge especially with my furniture taste. It makes it even harder. Along with organizing things, I always end up throwing a bunch of stuff that I've accumulated over the years. Lately, I have been thinking of changing the set-up of our old living room. I was thinking of using sheepskin rugs since l like soft rugs. Plus, with the cold winter coming, it will be a nice addition to our living room. My friend was actually the one who recommended me on choosing sheepskin products. She also has a few of sheepskin products in their house, and it is really worth the money. The rug itself is very soft, well made, and of best quality.

On a different note, I am on a hunt for luxury car seat covers for my husband. He spends his time driving a lot, so I might as well get him a nice sheepskin seat cover. The sheepskin car seat covers is going to be soft as well. He kept telling me that it will be helpful and a lot comfortable for his drive to and back from work. Plus, we take an 8 hour road trip several times a year, so it will come in handy. I just love having sheepskin products around the house.
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Thursday, September 27th 2012

3:40 PM (699 days, 18h, 25min ago)

A Little Filipino In Her

I just watched High School Musical II and it was nice. It is also as cute as the first one. Makakilig kaayo. Vanessa and Zac  just have the chemistry. Do you know the ethnic background of Vanessa? Her mom Gina Guangco is of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish descent and her dad of Irish and Native American.


As Vanessa stated about her ethnic background:

 "Pretty much I'm Filipino and Caucasian but within that, I'm Spain Spanish, Chinese, American Indian, Irish."

Isn't she pretty? I find her beauty so unique.
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Wednesday, September 26th 2012

9:08 AM (701 days, 0h, 57min ago)

Tory Burch Shoes

Every girl I know has their own collection. May it be purses, shoes, jewelries, and accessories. I believe it is a girl thing. I am collecting shoes and purse myself, and it’s very typical of me to buy shoes and not even wear it. Most of the time, I end up giving it away or donating it. With the many styles and brand I own, I still have my eye on a pair of tory burch shoes for the longest time. Their shoes are well made, and I heard only good things about them. I even have a friend that collects their shoe line. I believe that sometimes we have to spend more on shoes to get comfort and not having to worry about bruises by the end of the day.

Don't we all long for a real leather shoes for our shoe collection? I do. Although the price is way out of my price range right now, but I think it would still be doable. Come to think of it, I will only buy one pair that will probably last me for a good 5 years or so instead of buying one pair every year. Plus, tory burch shoes will still look great even if years have passed. It may be expensive, but it is also a well-made shoes, and it is definitely a good investment. It will last longer and will also save me money in the long run. It is always smart to be wise and purchase the right pair of shoe for yourself. Owning a pair of tory burch shoes is every woman's dream.
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Monday, September 17th 2012

11:49 AM (709 days, 22h, 16min ago)

Remembering The Shows

Do you remember the TV shows such as Miami Vice, Murders She Wrote, Wonder Years, Seaquest DSV, Macgyver and Knight Rider when we were growing up? How can I forget those shows. Papa loves those shows as well and he usually gather us all to watch them. He thinks it is a good practice for our English. And now I can watch them again through Netflix's instant play (unlimited). For the past two days I have been watching Seaquest DSV. I am now on the second season. Unfortunately, among the shows mentioned above they don't have Macgyver yet and Wonder Years but by the time I finish watching all of them, they should be out soon. Isn't it neat?
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Sunday, September 2nd 2012

5:17 PM (724 days, 16h, 48min ago)


One of the things I like about going back to school is watching different students incorporate their fashion sense in their outfit. I have a classmate in my Macroeconomics class whom I always look forward to seeing what she wears that day. Last week, she was wearing a maxi dress, and it looked great on her. She carried it with elegance, and I could tell that every time she walks in the classroom, everyone just looks at her. Trust me, I have seen people who try so hard to look like her but not even close. She was wearing something similar below. 

What I find interesting is the clothes she wear. I work at a retail store, and I have not seen her clothes somewhere local. Perhaps she must have gotten it from an online store. That is one thing I like about getting clothes from an online clothing store because you can almost guarantee that you will not see exactly the same outfit/shirt elsewhere. I went to work last week, and I was glad that I didn't wear the clothes I had in mind for that day. When I got there, one of our customers had the same exact blouse on as what I was planning to wear that day. Thankfully, I changed my mind or it would have been embarrassing. I try to limit myself from buying a lot of clothes in store especially when I know the possibility that there are going to be a lot of people who will own the same. I like checking Necessaryclothing.com recently because they have a lot of cute clothes and accessories to choose from.

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Saturday, September 1st 2012

2:32 PM (725 days, 19h, 33min ago)

Working Abroad Gone Wrong ( A must read )

May this entry be a warning to those who wanted to work abroad without learning more on the agency and the company that they are going to work for. My sister fell for this and may this be a lesson to everybody.

She graduated college last year with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. Of course being the Ate and Kuya who have sent her to school, we were so proud of her and was sadden that we could not make it to her graduation. June of last year, she was supposed to review for the board exam but she decided instead to go work in Taiwan. I was shocked but I don't want to stop her from doing what she wanted. I didn't agree with it. As my papa said, "manang, let her make her own mistake". I back-off but the question is where is she going to get the P85,000 bond money. I made it clear that we could not help her with the much. I didn't know then that the P85,000 was only one entry. They opted borrowing money from the bank. I was so recentlful, imagine the interest plus the payment every month that is P10,000. Sorry but I really had a bad feeling about this. Luckily, our Uncle Don (from Australia) offered to help her with no strings attached. He told her that as long as she sends our youngest sister to school he's fine. Pay him when she is able in the future he said. Before they left the Philippines, they were made to sign a contract that has P26,000 a month salary. My sister was so excited because she's not only will be able to send our youngest sister to school, she will be able to pay Uncle Don back and fix up the house.

She left the Philippines about almost a year now. When they got there, they were made to sign another contract and was given  two options. Either to sign and get what is in it or go home. After owing so much who would want to go home? The new contract stated that they will be earning P9,000 a month. My sister did not tell mama. My jaw dropped when I heard about this. Who is at fault? Is it the company? or maybe the agency. I tried to call her as much as possible and she does the same. I am worried about her and when finally mama and papa knew about it after I spill the beans they all got worried. I don't want them to expect that she is making much when she is actually not. I asked her what happened to her co-workers that needed to send money to pay for their loan? she said, "they have to clean rooms and bathrooms in our dorm to make ends meet and I decided to go with them to earn extra". My heart sunk and could not help telling her about what I feel. I was so careful though not to blame her. She already have so much going on and our support is all she can get. It wasn't as  bad after few months. She has adjusted to the weather, the sleeping partern (all Filipinos worked overnight) and her homesickness. Work was not as bad either because she was working more overtime.

Chinese New Year (this year) they did not work for a week and since then the production has really been low. They get lucky if they can work 2 days in a week. Sometimes they don't even have to go because their supervisor will just call them if there is work. The bad went really worst to the extent that what she made is only enough to pay for her board and lodging. She tried working extra as a packed lunch lady (mananakos ba) to earn extra money. I don't know what to feel anymore. I just am so crushed knowing her situation. As she always tell me, "manang I promise ging-ging to send her to school". Whenever my brother and I call her, she always tell us that she is ok. Her zits has gotten better and her allergies. She still has another year to go and hopefully next year, we will see her in Cebu. We don't want her to extend anymore. Just recently, she shared to me how the Filipinas that she is working with are fighting. Naa na daw territory. She doesn't want to get involved pero it has gotten worst. The sad thing is mga Filipina man unta mag-unay unay man hinoon. Now the question is who is to blame? Only God knows.

Early this year she told me how homesick she is and seeing the pictures that I sent her makes her more homesick. I told her that if it is making you homesick then take them off. She said, "it is the only way that I can feel you guys here with me. I still cry every time I go to bed. All i think are the wonderful memories that we have together and that kept me going.

To my sister Resty, Happy Birthday Mams, stay strong and always remember that this too shall pass. We love you.

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Saturday, August 25th 2012

6:07 PM (732 days, 15h, 58min ago)

Baby Sling

It was a challenge preparing for a party with a two month old baby. It was the big brother's 5th birthday party, and we were going to have relatives and friends over. I was having a hard time watching Branden while trying to cook. He wants to be held all the time, and every time I put him down, he starts crying. He was full, and he wasn't wet. I guess he just wants to be held. Thankfully, my mom was there to help me cook and get ready for the party. It was such a relief.

While my mom was in the kitchen, I managed to set the table in the living room with Branden. He was peacefully sleeping on my chest while inside the baby sling. I forgot how useful and innovative a baby sling carrier is. It freed my hands with him and that allowed me to put the table cloth, the paper plates, and everything that we needed for the party. In fact, I was even able to put up birthday decorations, set up the chairs, and more that I would have not done without a baby sling carrier. Definitely, baby sling carriers are a fantastic way to stay on the move and close to your baby, so check some out! It is a perfect baby shower gift.
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Saturday, August 25th 2012

5:09 AM (733 days, 4h, 56min ago)

Washington Beach, Michigan City, IN

Analiza and I had been planning to go on a picnic even before I gave birth. We were both so excited for spring and summer. Our lakwatsa was put on hold with the birth of Francis. With the C-Section and recovery and all it kept me from travelling. Everytime we talked she always ask me if Francis is ready to travel until recently. I am so excited for this mini get-away. We have been to places but to me this is different. I always love the company of Analiza's family. They are very nice and warm. Her husband Tom is very funny. I also love her parents. I treat nanay and tatay like my own.

Last weekend we finally decided to do it. We arrived around the same time Analiza and her family arrived. They were all from Chicago while we were from Park Forest. We are just close to the IL-IN border. We went to Washington Beach/Park just across the lighthouse outlet mall in Michigan City, IN. The place was packed. A lot of beach goers and people who are just relaxing under the shade. It was hot last weekend. The temperature was 93 to be exact but it did not stop us from having fun. Ryan said he has never been there. I find it weird since his mom's side (his grandpa and aunts) live there about 2-3 miles away. What can I say? The Filipino food were so yummy. After eating we went for a walk. I wanted to take Francis with us even if Tom told me that he can watch him. I just don't want to hassle him I thought. As we were talking, the sun was just too much for him that he can't barely open his eyes. So we head back and agreed to leave Francis with his nice Tito Tom. We walked by the lake and took pictures here and there but decided to head back because the heat was just too much. We didn't even walk towards the lighthouse. Francis was a good boy the entire time.We just left him laying down under the tree. He was so facinated with all the green leaves. He didn't even cry while his papa and mama were talking non-stop. A little later, we had to leave early because we have prior engagements.

It was wonderful to have spend time with you guys. The food was great. Sauulitin !!!

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Monday, August 13th 2012

12:05 PM (744 days, 22h, 0min ago)


One of the favorite pastime for most Americans these days is golf. It used to be only a few people who showed interest in this game, but with its increasing popularity, more and more golf courses are opening to cater to this demand. Not only does it pleases golfers, it also gave students who are out of summer - summer jobs. Have you ever wondered why there are several different types of golf clubs in a golfer's bag? Most of the time, you'll see woods, irons, golf wedges, and a putter. There are also times when the bag has utility clubs or hybrids. This could be a challenge for a beginner golfer.

Golf is not a hard game to play especially when you are familiar with your golf clubs. For a beginner golfer, you are better off checking out Clevelandgolf.com because they carry different kinds of clubs, and they have a wide variety of brands to choose from. You can order it online or find Cleveland Golf dealers near you by entering your zip code. If you are a golf enthusiast and wants to know about the latest news about golf, you are also going to like the Cleveland Golf blog. Get all you need in one place at Clevelandgolf.com .
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